Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Sustainability is about protecting local values

The growth journey continues for Install Nordic AB. The Norrland-based installation company was established by forward-thinking entrepreneurs just over five years ago and has grown rapidly since then. Install has around 200 employees but engages many more through various collaborative projects and not least through subcontractors.

The first five years of Install’s journey have revolved around building the brand. Today, Install is a well-known player throughout Norrland, with headquarters in Piteå and a strong local presence in five more locations. The next step in the company’s journey has begun and includes solid work to manifest Install as a sustainable supplier, employer, customer and partner.

Protects the local

Install’s success is based on several aspects, but most of it revolves around purposeful work to run and develop the business in a sustainable way. This includes building good and long-term collaborations with local subcontractors and partners.

“For us, sustainability is very much about protecting the local area and making the most out of the knowledge and skills that are in our vicinity. We focus more and more on sustainability at large, for us it is not just about developing good solutions from a climate point of view. We are just as concerned about being a long-term sustainable employer as being a local patriot and are happy to choose local subcontractors and being a good partner for them”, says Jan Fransson, CEO of Install.

More about environmental goals

Install also works concretely with new technical solutions to achieve ever-increasing climate goals.

“We have several underlying environmental goals within our own operations, which take us a little closer to the major national and global environmental goals. One example is that we strive to use only fossil-free fuel in our vehicles, and another is that we try to work much more with digital meetings to reduce travel”, says Linn Fransson, sustainability coordinator at Install.

“There is much more to our environmental goals, not least in connection with the current assignment we have at Northvolt in Skellefteå. We are also continuing the construction of phase two for Hybrit in Luleå. Both projects provide a fantastic opportunity for us to show where we as a company stand in the highly topical sustainability issues”, adds Linn Fransson.

Building the circular society

In addition to Hybrit and Northvolt, Install also participates in several other of Norrland’s major projects, primarily in the energy industry and infrastructure, and all of them are run in the spirit of sustainability.

“The next major project planned in our region is the construction of H2 Green Steel, which will be located in Boden. It will be one of the world’s largest facilities for fossil-free steel production and of course we at Install want to be part of that development as well”, says Jan Fransson.

Northern Sweden’s development pace is faster than ever.

“At Install, we see opportunities everywhere. Install is a company that works with infrastructure and focuses on sustainable turnkey solutions for installation, energy, and communication”, Jan Fransson concludes.